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VMZinc approved installers

Zinc, RheinZink and VMZinc Roofing Materials

RheinZink approved installers

VMZinc and RheinZink approved installers

RheinZink and VMZinc products are renowned across global construction industries for their sustainable form, distinctive appearance and low maintenance requirements. They come with low environmental impact and are perfect for solid projects and use in systems that are built to last.

VMZinc is lightweight and durable, fully recyclable and has a design life of 80 years! Benefits include all flashings and trims being in the same material and it can be installed on roof pitches as low as 3 degrees.

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Zinc is cost effective and highly feesable for any project due to its high abundance across the world. Compared to aluminum, copper, and steel, it requires only a fraction of the energy to convert into usable materials.

Architectural zinc is fully recyclable, from construction scrap to end of use, which lowers the energy use for manufacturing even further.

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