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Metal Roofing Services

A Class Metal Roofing are a specialists in delivering metal roofing services through facades, cladding, metal roof strip and resheeting, flat roof to pitch roof conversions and over-roofing and over-cladding. No job is too big or too small and all enquiries are welcomed. We can use a variety of materials for your project to give you a strong and great looking final product.

  • Facades
  • Cladding
  • strip & resheet
  • flat to pitch conversions
  • over-roofing/over-claddding

Single and double facades

A Class Metal Roofing are able to install facades in single (non-ventilated) and double (ventilated) layer versions from a selection of materials. We have experience providing facade installation for a number of years and constantly seek to incorporate newly developed ideas and construction methods.


Roof cladding projects

A Class Metal Roofing can apply their craftsmanship and years of experience to a range of roof cladding projects of any type and material as shown in our portfolio.


Internal cladding with classic materials

The combination of different materials opens up all creative possibilities for the design of enclosed rooms. To this end, Lummel uses classic materials such as copper and stainless steel, together with organic and modern elements to turn your imagination into reality.


Strip and resheet

If the preference is to remove the existing roof i.e. corrugated asbestos cement sheeting, if it cannot be encapsulated, then the existing roof can be stripped and disposed and a new roof system installed.


Flat to pitch conversions

Flat to pitch conversions completely transform the appearance of a building. In some cases, they are the only effective way of waterproofing the existing roof structure but do require a detailed structural survey to be carried out. This is to ensure that the existing roof structure or supporting walls are capable of withstanding the additional loads which are transmitted from the new roof structure.



The process of over-roofing eradicates the cost and inconvenience / disruption of stripping an existing roof. Roofing operatives from Avonside Group Services are respected for their specialist refurbishment service, which has seen hundreds of thousands of square metres of factories and business facilities re-roofed or over-roofed.