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Portfolio of our high quality work

Top quality metal roofing

A Class Metal Roofing have provided plenty of high quality roofs across the UK. Examples below show types of metal used, from VMZinc to Copper to Aluminium and Stainless-Steel, and types of systems from traditional cladding to standing seams and baton rolls.

Bedford Street

Bedford Street
RheinZink metal Systems including Standing seam, cladding, barrell roofs...

Harlow High Street

Harlow Street
VMZinc Systems including standing seam, cladding, parapit capping...

Knightsbridge Brompton Road

Copper Systems including traditional cladding, baton roll...

Tenterlow Road

tenterlow Road
Bright Systems including vertical cladding, dormas...


Quartz VMZinc Systems including standing seams...

Downes Road Hackney

Downes Road Hackney
VMZinc Systems including standing seams, vertical cladding

Residential Bay

VMZinc Systems including Diamond Tiles

Residential Highbury

Amphra Black VM Zinc Systems including standing seam, vertical cladding...

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